Extreme and long, downhill off-piste runs are instead dedicated to “powder” fans

It is the “jewel” of the Valsesia - the houses beautifully arranged along a flowered stretch of land and vibrate waters of the Sesia River; the hamlets vaguely spread amongst hillocks and summits crowned by beech, ash, pine and fir trees; picturesque are the wooden hovels, confused and narrow hills and charming modern homes and fitting hotels. The wide circle of its mounts renders Alagna like a small Italian Zermatt.

This is how, in 1912, Don Ravelli presented in his famous guide, Alagna, leader of this valley at 1200 metres and at the foot of Monte Rosa along the Sesia River. Time has not changed the truth of this description. Visitors wanting to know this area are still fascinated by the undamaged nature of Alagna, from its groups of old flowered wooden houses, its history and well-rooted traditions to the recent constructions which have been erected to coincide with a reality which has been preserved over time but is proud to be able to offer all modern comforts.

Thanks to lifts of Monte Rosa, Alagna in summer is the destination for hikers and mountaineers from around the world, offering both routes in an uncontaminated environment accessible to all. In winter, it offers about 180 km of pristine runs part of the Monterosa Ski skiing district.

Extreme and long, downhill off-piste runs are instead dedicated to “powder” fans; the reason why the little “jewel” of the Valsesia is now known throughout the world as "Free Ride Paradise".

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