Fenera Caves

The Mount Fenera is the only carbonate massif on the southern side of the central-western Alps.

The Mount is the only Fenera carbonate massif on the southern side of the central-western Alps. West of Lake Maggiore the sedimentary cover of the Southern Alps, in fact, reduced to a few patches of limited areal extent. In the same territory is thus the only area in which the presence of carbonate rocks, and has allowed the development of karst phenomena of considerable size.

The presence of caves has allowed the attendance of Paleolithic man and animals. At an altitude of 690 observed inputs Bondaccia of the hole and slightly above, at 780, that of the Cave Sandstone, the two largest cavities of the mountain Fenera. At an altitude of 685 to reach the double opening of Ciota Ciara.

In this cave during numerous excavations have unearthed numerous paleontological finds, among which most abundant bones and teeth of cave bear and exceptional, the Mousterian lithic industry, as well as two teeth and a skull fragment attributed to the Neanderthals. Continue until you come to the end of the ledge where a ladder anchored to the wall dolomite allows the ascent up the aircraft shelter constructed by the archaeological cave of Borgosesia.

From the terrace of the hut you can enjoy a magnificent view over the central valley and the mountains of sesia Valsesian and Biella. Furthermore you can observe birds typical of the cliffs the peregrine falcon and other species very rare locally as the woodpecker and the crag.